I’m an artist, dreamer, and idealist who believes that we can transform negativity with creativity and love. I’m that girl with her head in the clouds, frantically jotting down random ideas in her sketchbook and thinking about how the world could be a better place. Ever since I was old enough to pick up a marker, I’ve immersed myself in drawing and painting, surrounding myself with my first loves: beautiful colors, patterns, shapes, and textures.

As an introverted artist, I spend a great deal of time submerged in my own feelings. Something I feel very strongly about is my relationships- with myself, with other people, and with the world around me, and I have always had a hard time connecting in most of these relationships. I’ve never quite felt that I fit in, or that people close to me REALLY know me. I’ve had a difficult time expressing myself in a way that others understand and connect with, because I’ve never been able to truly express myself with words.

After studying psychology and art in college, I went to graduate school for art therapy. Providing therapy to others helped shine a light on my talent for reframing negative thoughts and feelings into something positive, something I believe the world is in increasing need of. My training as an art therapist has also led me to believe in being vulnerable, in being truly authentic. I know how powerful art can be for healing, for expressing, and for connecting. My art has gotten me through difficult and stressful periods of my life, has helped me transform darkness into light.

My most recent art truly expresses how I feel; it explores my difficulties in connecting and the resulting feelings and anxiety. It’s so scary to put myself out there in my art, but I hope it helps you feel a sense of connection and makes you feel something that’s personal to you. I hope that through my own vulnerability, you can recognize yourself in my paintings. I hope you feel connected, feel understood in some way. Because I believe that the more personal something is, the more universal it has the power to be. My art has become therapeutic; I feel as though I can finally express and communicate how I feel.