terri stefanko is an artist who lives and paints in ohio. drawing inspiration from the impressionists, terri is interested in portraying the way light changes the colors of objects, people, and the atmosphere. she is obsessed with color and light, both in the world around her and in her artwork. in her paintings, she uses glazes (layers of transparent color) to add depth and create an “optical mixing” glowing effect that can’t be accomplished by mixing several colors in one layer. her large flower paintings have up to 20 layers of color. terri is interested in the relationship between transparency and opacity.

nature is one of terri’s biggest inspirations, and she is largely influenced by the changing of the seasons. she is incredibly detail-oriented, and through her artwork she aims to give people a better view of normal objects that are actually quite stunning if we take the time to look close enough.

terri’s artwork is about vulnerability, fragility, and attraction.